Saturday, April 14, 2012


Dream 4/15: All I remember is turning into captain marvel from DC comics, flying with my old high school art teacher. Then having magic gloves that allowed me to move objects across the room. Met some old high school buddies. Took pieces from the Game of Thrones series intro. and chucked them at photographers' cameras when I was flying as Cpt. Marvel. And my teacher said it wasn't very nice to do since it was violent.

Dream 4/11: Flesh eating virus plant can grow extremely fast. Created by scientists who were making artificial skin. Saw meteor and flew above the ocean then up into the clouds where I said hello to a pilot flying a plane, then started being chased by a helicopter. Turned into a werewolf. Fell into a forest with snow covered trees, met an all white eagle that was huge.


  1. Great meeting you the other day...SUPER stuff, keep it up and stay in contact.

  2. you need to do more of these dream sketches. love it.